The perfect parenting app for separated families

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One of the most overlooked aspects of the emerging virtual reality space is its ability to bring people who are located many miles apart together in one virtual space.

Part of the problem is that most of the VR out there is focused on passive viewing experiences or gaming. But a new app from Samsung called Bedtime VR Stories offers ta prime example of how VR can be a tool to connect with someone across long distances.

The app allows a parent to meet their child in VR to tell them a bedtime story using a combination of VR and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Each story takes about six to seven minutes, and only requires a Samsung Gear VR and smartphone for the parent and a special cardboard viewer for the child.

The demonstration video shows just how compelling the experience can be for both the child and the parent, and yet another video allows you to sample in first person what both viewers see when a story is being told. Read more at …