Another week, another game.

Another week, another game. You can set your watch to the NFL. Anyway, don’t forget to get in your picks!

Believe it or not, the game is still afoot. Honestly though, Cathy got by last week using the Raiders. It has to be getting to be slim pickins at this point. Cathy and Jodi really skewed our data set. Cathy adds almost have a point to the average of the 21 of us. Yikes! Cathy and Jodi combined add a whole point!

Pick Em
This was a pretty average week for all of us. Not great, not terrible. I am impressed that everyone managed to get their picks in around the holiday, especially one known for lethargy. (On a side note, did you know that the whole tryptophan thing is total BS? Yes, tryptophan is real, yes it has a mild sedative effect, but turkey has less of it than chicken, duck, or other fowl. It’s just the overeating thing.) Anywho, we’re here for football, dammit. Rob, Frank, and Cathy tied for best week, with 12 correct picks. I think that it’s time to hold Rob down and force him to pick the Browns to win every game from here on out. Cheri and Vivi had the worst weeks. I imagine it was a tense Thanksgiving weekend. Lots of shade thrown. The weirdest game of the week ended up being the Chargers and Jaguars. These are both admittedly terrible teams this year. I think that the Chargers are going to be kept our of L.A. for being so terrible. We were collectively really bough in on the Jags, and they let us down. I can’t imagine the last time that happened was. Yes, we all got burned by the Packers too, but they have a winning record and everything! Anywho, peep the results:

Fantasy Football Dec 3