How to set up emergency location sharing on your phone

Apple offers a built-in Emergency SOS system on iPhones that gives you a quick way to call 911and alert a group of emergency contacts. Android doesn’t have a similar all-in-one function, but it does have a preassigned emergency contact from the lock screen. If you want to share and request locations with trusted contacts — without needing to make a 911 call — download Google’s Trusted Contacts app for Android or iOS. Read more about it at The Verge.

Goldilocks and the three server builds

ArsTecnica wrote a user-friendly system guide describing what a server is, what it’s for and how to build one. They go from smaller and less expensive servers to bigger, meaner, and pricier builds. All three general-purpose x86-64 builds won’t need specialized operating systems and won’t be limited in what you can do with them.

Students Google strangers to learn about online privacy

A third year law student wasn’t Googling a stranger in a coffeeshop for fun, she was on a homework assignment from her professor, Kate Klonick, assistant professor of law at St. John’s University. The goal of the assignment was to identify a person based on what they revealed in public.

“Her students, who scattered across the country for break, started writing to her in astonishment. Some of the most outspoken skeptics of privacy protections in her class — the ones who once suggested that they didn’t need privacy because they had nothing to hide — were stunned at how quickly they’d found out details of the lives of strangers who happened to cross their paths.” Read full article at NPR.

Digital gurus shielding kids from technology

The Irish Times reports, “They may have helped change the world with their innovative research and rapid advances in technology, but many tech gurus have gone back to basics when it comes to educating their own children … Bill Gates, former chief executive of Microsoft, has revealed he restricted his children from playing computer games and they only received their first phone at the age of 14.”

Does technology limit educational or creative growth in grade school classrooms? Go to the Irish Times to find out how some schools in Ireland are changing the way they use computers in the classroom.