Russian dairy farmers gave cows VR goggles with hopes they would be happier and make better milk

Moscow’s Ministry of Agriculture reports that a farm just outside of Moscow is testing VR glasses on its cows in an effort to increase the quantity and quality of the milk they produce. When wearing the goggles, cows see beautiful green fields beneath sunny skies.

“Russian dairy farmers aren’t the only ones going the extra mile to keep their cows happy and improve product, though. Some Wagyu farmers set mood lighting, among other tricks, to keep their cows calm and producing the best beef possible. Others play them music, which one Missouri farmer says leads to better milk.”

Read more about cows and VR at CNN.

The Unexpected Benefits of Pursuing a Passion Outside of Work


“A growing body of research suggests that pursuing your passion does indeed improve your well-being but that that where you do it  is far less critical. In fact, several studies show that doing something you love outside of work rather than in it benefits both your career and your personal life.” Read more about it at Harvard Business Review.

Ear-reading helps dyslexic kids learn more

“The effective use of assistive technology coupled with an explicit structured literacy curriculum can be life-changing for students with learning differences. Try one of these tools to see if your students will come out of their shell. Give them the freedom to choose what topics they want to learn about and watch the transformation in their self-belief that they can be successful readers and achievers.” Read more about it at Edutopia.

Governments hit the brakes on facial recognition

“This year, Oakland and San Francisco, California, and Somerville, Massachusetts, all banned the government’s use of facial recognition technology as a larger legislative package overseeing police surveillance technology. Now, Massachusetts, Michigan and New York are looking to, at a minimum, press pause on the use of this technology …” Read more about it at ABA Journal. @ABAJournal