Microsoft treads cautiously as it plans to deploy $500M affordable housing fund in Seattle region

For the past five months, Microsoft has been trying to figure out how to spend $500 million to improve Seattle’s homelessness and low- and middle-income housing crisis.

According to Amy Liu, a senior officer for Microsoft Philanthropies, “The learning curve for us has not flattened,” she said. “I keep waiting for it to flatten. We are not affordable housing experts but we also wanted to move forward with something and be part of coming up with some solutions.” Read more about it at GeekWire.

Meet the robot firefighter that battled the Notre Dame blaze

robot firefighter in Notre Dame

“Meet WALL-E’s badass cousin, Colossus, a firefighting robot that helped turn the tide at Monday’s devastating fire at Notre Dame de Paris

With the roof ablaze and threatening to bring the monumental building down, the Paris Fire Brigade withdrew its human firefighters and sent in one of its newest team members, a caterpillar-tracked tank-bot quickly becoming a firefighter’s best friend. 

With its help, the firefighters extinguished the blaze and largely saved 850 years of history—and no civilians or firefighters were killed in the process.”

Read the entire article by Andrew P. Han at Popular Mechanics.

The art of blooming late

it’s never too late to “become” yourself. Aristotle, for example, didn’t fully devote himself to writing and philosophy until he was nearly 50. The average age of founders of high-growth start-ups is 45. Harvard Business Review features a couple of authors that suggest you create a micromotive or a goal tailored to a specific activity that inspires you to bloom.

Get your kid on the best educational path after high school

“The cost of a college education can be gigantic. But lots of times, all that money does little to equip students for right role once they’ve graduated. Too many of them are clueless about how to use their education correctly.”  Find out how you can get your kids on the right educational path after high school. Read more advice at Forbes from Lewis Walker, a financial planning and investment strategist at Capital Insight Group.