Celebrate what you had

It’s all over, officially. Cathy bet it all on Kirk Cousins, and that was it. And Lo, this section was no more. Weep not for what we lost, celebrate for what we had.
Pick Em
That was our second best week of the season! Well done, everyone. We got almost 10 picks out of 16 games correct. We’re solidly better than a dartboard. Best Week goes to Cheri. Rob couldn’t take the pressure at the top, and had the second worst week, allowing Nate to catch up 3 points into a tie for first! Doug and Frank are both currently within that same 3 points of the lead, so who knows what next week will bring!
Almost every single one of us got two games wrong – the 49ers pulling their collective smart parts from their collective dumb parts, and the Cowboys field goal unit would have stumped every single one of us if Maggie hadn’t autopicked her way to glory!