Colleges Have Increased Women Computer Science Majors

women studying computer science

National Public Radio put together an interesting article about women studying computer science.

“In 2006, only about 10 percent of computer science majors at Harvey Mudd College were women. That’s pretty low since Harvey Mudd is a school for students who are interested in science, math and technology.”

Then, Maria Klawe began her tenure as president of the college.

Klawe renamed the Java programming class to something that didn’t sound so intimidating, “Creative Problem Solving in Science and Engineering Using Computational Approaches.”  She also created a new computer introduction class for students with no previous experience. She emphasized team-building so new students felt more comfortable.

Since those changes have been put in place, the number of women computer science majors ranges between 40 percent and 50 percent. Learn how other colleges are implementing similar changes in their computer science programs at