Digitize your doodles with an e-reader you can draw on

No matter how useful a tablet can be, for many, nothing can beat the versatility of paper. Well, paper-loving reader, it might be time to re-think those analog allegiances as reMarkable has just unveiled an impressive new e-paper tablet.

Simply called “reMarkable,” the device aims to combine the flexibility of a paper notepad with the electronic convenience of a tablet. While companies like Sony have attempted to create similar pieces of tech, the slow refresh rates of e-paper displays has rendered them frustrating at best. This is a problem reMarkable claims to remedy thanks to what it calls a “Canvas” display. This 10.3-inch Kindle-esque screen not only looks like paper, but also delivers a very low latency of 55ms, meaning that you can write or draw on it with the included pen without noticeable delay. Read more at Engadget.