Female tech founder helps causes with new mobile App called dailyKARMA

dailyKARMA founderAn interview with Patricia Dao, CEO of Daily Karma.

W2: Why did you create dailyKARMA?

PD: I created dailyKARMA to enable people to donate and fundraise from the palm of their hand, thanks to the power of content. For the past ten years, I’ve marketed large brands and small startups. Out of all the campaigns I’ve run, one thing remained constant. Content is the single best way to drive someone to take an action, whether you’re trying to convert someone to buy something or donate to a charity. Content is, and will always be, king.

Last year I was watching a St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital commercial. I felt overwhelmed with emotion and the desire to donate to the organization. I wished that I could tap on my TV or phone so I could send money to St. Jude’s easily and instantly. I believe we all want to give back. The reality is that we live in a very hectic and fast-paced society where we lose interest after a few swipes. Having to take the time to pull out a credit card, find the charity’s website, and input all the information is just too much.

I asked myself if there was a way to make giving as easy as checking your inbox. Because this method of donating did not exist, we developed dailyKARMA. Our mission is to make giving part of everyday life by utilizing the three things many of our lives revolve around – content, social media and apps.

We’ve created an app that allows you to easily donate as you scroll through photos of charities and advocates doing good in their communities. When inspired, you can tap on a photo or video and give as much as you want to as little as fifty cents. We’re turning content into direct donation requests. We’ve built in other ways to give back through the app, like fundraising by posting photos, or sending Karma points to a friend which they can donate to a charity of their choice.

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