Five achievable security resolutions for the new year

Security2016TAWhether you’ve never thought about your personal security at all before, or you’ve been meaning to clean some things up for awhile now, 2017 is the year to make changes. Threats like spamming, phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks, and ransomware pose real daily threats to every internet user, passwords continue to leak in massive corporate breaches, political instability roils many parts of the world, and people own more and more devices that can be compromised. Fun, right?

The challenge of protecting yourself can feel so overwhelming that it’s tempting to give up on security altogether. There’s no disputing that adding more protection to your life does require some work and inconvenience. But emphasis is on some. Just like locking your bike instead of simply leaning it against a tree, taking digital security precautions is slightly annoying but very doable. So do it! The first step is to check off the really simple stuff that only takes a few minutes (do it for your relatives or a friend, too). Once you’ve got that baseline read on for the slightly more time-consuming stuff.

Here’s a breakdown of the five suggestions listed in the article:

  1. Set Up a Password Manager
  2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication
  3. Make Backups
  4. Know How to Use a VPN
  5. Use End-to-End Encrypted Chat Apps

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