Five ways to nurture a teenage hacker

eschool News shares some good tips on how teachers and parents can keep an eye out for students that show an interest in hacking. It also has good ideas on how to put the kid’s computer skills to work in a positive and productive manner.

First of all, look for kids with a high technical aptitude. This mean you should keep an eye out for kids that like changing a teacher’s password or accessing something on the network they’re not supposed to. Also, listen to and learn the lingo. According to eSchool News, “Odds are that a student who is using the following terms is a student with whom you want to have a discussion about their interest in cybersecurity and hacking.”

● (WiFi) Pineapple – A wireless auditing platform that allows the conduction of penetration tests.
● (LAN) Turtle – A covert systems administration and penetration testing tool.
● Hashcat – A password cracking tool.
● Netcat – Network Cache Attack; a side-channel attack method.
● Kali Linux – An advanced penetration testing Linux distribution used for penetration testing, ethical hacking and network security assessments.
● Tor – free software that lets you operate on the internet anonymously.

Go to eschool News to discover the other four tips you need to know when it comes to identifying and supporting the young computer wizards in your home or classroom.