Girl uses robotic hand to throw out first pitch for MLB teams

girl with robotic hand


Seven-year-old Hailey Dawson used her robotic hand to throw her first pitch at a University of Nevada, Las Vegas Rebels game. That’s pretty cool because the UNLV engineering department made her prosthetic hand using a 3D printer.

“At the request of Hailey’s mother, Yong, a group of researchers and students took on the challenge to create a 3D printed prosthetic hand for Hailey. As a result of being born with Poland syndrome, which leaves a pectoral muscle and other parts of the affected side underdeveloped, Hailey was born with a right palm, but not all of her fingers on that hand. The prosthetic hand the university created allows her to grasp objects, like a baseball.”

Read more about Hailey’s adventure and how UNLV helped make it possible at NPR.