Go Bengals!

Everyone selected the Bengals. I don’t know if Cathy is allowed back in the greater Cincinnati area any time soon. This has become season 6 of The Office. Thanks, Jim and Pam. We get it.

Pick Em
Rob and Debbie conspired to make this an all-projects week. Debbie was especially cocksure this week, spotting us all the Thursday night game before destroying us in the rest of the week. It was a total Jason Voorhees situation. Maggie did bring down the team average by picking slightly worse than Cathy. Doug used a strong week to edge ahead of Jodi at the top, while Frank, Rob, and Nate nip at their heels.

We’re a bit trifurcated as a group at this point. There’s the top group of contenders, the middle group of pretenders, and the third group-who-shall-not-be-named. They know what they did.

I tried to do an analysis to see if we were better at picking games that ended up being blowouts, like the Bengals destroying the Browns, than really tight games, like Falcons v 49ers. The results are inconclusive. Sometimes your study just doesn’t you a result of p < .05. Not every research project can end with an important discovery like the fact that dead salmon react to visual sitmuli.