Goodbye Vine, hello Hype


Does the world need another live video app? Meerkat’s demise might suggest not, but that hasn’t stopped Vine’s co-founders from screwing their courage to the sticking place and stepping into a highly contested space with the launch of an iOS app called Hype — days after Twitter announced it would be shuttering their looping video app, apparently without even doing them the courtesy of letting them know.

Hype is going up against the likes of Twitter’s own live video app Periscope, so perhaps this is personal for the Vine co-founders. Also heavy hitting here: Facebook Live. Meanwhile Facebook-owned Instagram has been rumored to be working on a livesteaming launch called Go Insta. Which means it can’t be too long before Snapchat dives into live too. Where one goes, the rest will surely follow. Read more at TechCrunch.