Help Students See Themselves as Mathematicians

Dylan Kane at Edutopia wrote that “When students’ eyes are opened to the broad community of mathematicians, they reject stereotypes and gain confidence in their own abilities.”

According to Kane, “One place to start is math teacher Annie Perkins’s Mathematicians Project. She has assembled and organized information on mathematicians who aren’t ‘White dudes.’ I have followed in her footsteps, creating brief weekly presentations on mathematicians who aren’t White men to share with my students. And Annie isn’t the only person working to combat stereotypes about mathematicians. For Black History Month, Dr. Kristopher Childs shared information about a Black mathematician every day. Talithia Williams’s excellent book, Power in Numbers, explores stories of women in mathematics. George Gheverghese Joseph’s The Crest of the Peacock surfaces the non-European roots of modern mathematics. There are many more resources that share an inclusive vision of who does mathematics and what mathematics is, undermining stereotypical narratives.”