Here’s What Happens to Tech in 2017

prediction_8ballWhat does 2017 hold for the world of tech and media? With so much changing at the end of 2016, it’s hard to be sure. Very hard. But we have a few guesses.

Here you’ll find WIRED’s predictions for the coming year, and they come with one big wild card: Donald Trump. When the new administration takes office at the end of January, it will alter the course of so many things in this country of ours—not to mention the rest of the world—and alter them in ways we can’t necessarily predict. Tech is no exception.

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect:

  • A Thousand Tech IPOs Will Bloom
  • The Internet of Things Will Die
  • Real Internet TV Will Wait in the Wings
  • ‘Uber For X’ Will Be X-ed Out
  • Trump’s America Will Bring Blogging Back
  • Online Headlines Will Get True Again
  • Tech Will Get In Bed With Trump

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