HiveLend connects farmers and beekeepers

HiveLend bees

Founded in 2015 by University of Michigan students, HiveLend was created to simply connect beekeepers and farmers.

“Like most entrepreneurial ideas, HiveLend started out as a problem in search of a solution. Specifically, when Nick got started as a beekeeper, he couldn’t find local farms to rent his hives to.

As often happens when a problem is met with a fresh perspective, Nick suspected that there could be an easier way to connect with farmers than attending local beekeeping clubs and calling around asking for referrals.

The idea for HiveLend was born.

Using a proprietary matching algorithm, HiveLend hopes not only to improve the efficiency with which farmers can connect with beekeepers but also to improve crop yields, reduce hive travel times and decrease paperwork.

The team also hopes to have a larger impact through increasing awareness of the importance (and coolness) of bees, thereby inspiring future generations of hobbyist beekeepers and contributing to a healthier planet and a more robust bee population.”

Read the PoplarNetwork article from 2015 and then check out their website at