How A Former VC Wants To Disrupt American Education

Ted Dintersmith

Ted Dintersmith was a successful venture capitalist at Charles River Ventures who turned his energies to K-12 and higher education. He claims that education in the U.S. has fallen badly behind, stuck in a 125-year-old framework that no longer meets the needs of students or employers.

“If I were a Xerox, I’d set up a Xerox Academy. And I’d go get the absolute best, the really talented and motivated kids out of high school, particularly from blue-collar communities, kids who are going to be struggling to make their way forward. I’d make the school selective and say, “You are now a Xerox scholar.” I’d make it a four-year residential program, with lots of intensive internships at Xerox, as well as such supplemental things as sports. I’d structure it like ROTC: “If you do this for four years, you’ll get your Xerox degree. But you need to stay with Xerox for a similar number of years or reimburse the company for the cost of your education.” Read the entire interview at Forbes.