How to take better photos with your phone

photo of phone and car

Newer smartphones are capable of taking great photos. Popular Mechanics shares some tips on how to get even better photos with your phone:

  1. Let the phone handle the technicalities of getting a good image. There’s no need to stabilize your phone or mess with brightness adjustments because the newer phones do it automatically.
  2. Turn on HDR. High dynamic range captures multiple versions of a single image at different settings and the software puts it all together to create a single exceptional photograph.
  3. Use the side button to capture the image. Don’t hold the phone with one hand and use your finger to tap the screen and then accidentally drop your phone.
  4. Use the rule of thirds to frame your photos correctly. Instead of centering your subject in the middle of the grid, place the subject’s eyes around 2/3 of the way up the grid and off to the right.
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