JUMP turns all kids into math wizards

kids learning math

Jenny Anderson at Quartz.com wrote an interesting article on a new method of teaching math that seems to be be successful with all kids and teachers alike. Here’s a breakdown of her article:

“John Mighton, a Canadian playwright, author, and math tutor who struggled with math himself, has designed a teaching program that has some of the worst-performing math students performing well and actually enjoying math. There’s mounting evidence that the method works for all kids of all abilities.

His program, JUMP (Junior Undiscovered Math Prodigies) Math, is being used by 15,000 kids in eight US states (it is aligned with the Common Core), more than 150,000 in Canada, and about 12,000 in Spain.

When Tracy Solomon conducted the pilot program on JUMP, she said it was the small, incremental steps which made the math accessible to all students and allowed some of them to experience success in math for the first time.

Mighton says the small steps are critical. “I am not going to move until everyone can do this,” he said. “Math is like a ladder—if you miss a step, it’s hard to go on. There are a set of sequences.” He has dubbed his method “micro discovery” or “guided discovery.”

Learn more about how this non-profit program is changing the way kids are conquering math at Quartz.com. goo.gl/Ud9cfF.