Let the data pick your friends

art, data, and friends illustration

NPR’s All Tech Considered reports on Laurie Frick, an artist who sees data so powerful it can help us pick better friends.

“Frick is not very good at assessing the character of friends. After years of working with data, she has begun to wonder whether numbers would be better than her intuition … She has been experimenting with a trove of questions and answers that she downloaded from the dating site OkCupid. She says the questions are designed to assess your character, measuring things like honesty and empathy … Frick imagines a future in which your smart watch will know how your body is responding to someone. Then it will combine with Facebook data about their personality. And that will let you know whether that person makes you lethargic, raises your blood pressure or depresses you.”

Read how Frick presents her ideas to big tech companies that are looking for the next big thing at goo.gl/v39pU7.