London tech may bolt in wake of Brexit


brexitLondon has long been considered the financial and media capital of Europe. American tech and media companies (Facebook, Google) have huge offices there, and it’s an English-speaking toehold for American firms doing business on the continent.

Brexit probably won’t upend that completely; thousands and thousands of workers aren’t going to learn German or Dutch over two years, and it’s likely that the EU and the U.K. will work out some agreement to maintain trade and labor ties.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences for firms in the media business or for the media sector in London.

Frank Sinton is the CEO of Beachfront Media, a company that makes an advertising platform for mobile video.

In a phone call with Recode, Sinton said that until very recently, his company was planning to open its European office in London. Then, Brexit happened. Read more at