Making A Podcast Enriched Students’ Lives

Last year, a team of 11th-graders at Elizabethton High School in east Tennessee won NPR’s first-ever Student Podcast Challenge. Their podcast “Murderous Mary & The RISE Of Erwin” told the story of how the town of Erwin tried to fix its image a century after hanging an elephant.

“The most amazing thing that came from the podcast experience of that class is how many of them found their passion through this project … and how this project helped them connect to people and learn how to tell someone else’s story.” Read more about last year’s two grand-prize winners  at NPR.

The NPR Student Podcast Challenge is open to students in two categories: grades five through eight and grades nine through 12. The official rules, entry guidelines, training tips and resources for teachers and students can be found at the contest’s homepage.

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