Microsoft Word | Skill 8.2: Converting Text to a Table

Sometimes information displayed in a table can be more easily understood. If you have a list of names, addresses, and phone numbers, it makes sense to create a table with three columns to present your information. But what if you have already entered information in paragraph format? Microsoft Word allows you to convert text from paragraphs into a table.

To convert text to a table:
1. Select the text you want to convert to a table.
2. Click the Insert tab.
3. Click the Table button and select Convert Text to Table…
convert text to a table in Microsoft Word

convert text to a table in Microsoft Word
4. In the Convert Text to Table dialog, click an option in the Separate text at section.
5. Click OK to convert the text to a table.








When you convert text to a table, Word looks for specific characters that serve as column separators. Characters that commonly serve as column separators include paragraphs, tabs, and commas.

convert text to a table in Microsoft WordJust as you can convert text into a table, you can also convert a table back into text:

  1. Select the table you want to convert.
  2. Click the Table Tools Layout tab.
  3. In the Data group, click the Convert to Text button.
  4. Select an option to separate the text with.
  5. Click OK.