Chris breaks down results for NCAA office pool

Yesterday’s historically low-seeded finale pitted two teams in UConn and Kentucky that had tons of talent on paper but hadn’t put it together all season. UConn lost to Lousiville twice in two weeks before their conference tournament by a combined 40 points. Kentucky had their own pair of blowout losses to Florida by a combined 30 points and lost to South Carolina. This unpredictable final appeared fewer than .01% of the 11 million brackets on ESPN. So at least we’re not worse than anyone else. Since there are only 22 of us, that works to roughly .23% of one of us that should’ve got it right. Xplodi should have followed that sort of lucky feeling in her big toenail.

Last night was not about two groups teenage boys and twenty-something eye candy fighting it out for a trophy. It was really about settling the tiebreakers that each of us has carefully honed over a lifetime of selfless dedication.

tylerfranklin(boo) had the full bracket wrapped up about a week ago. The real fight was dwallaceNCAA’s 171 point final vs frankl’s 13 point final. Feast vs famine. David vs Goliath. Tylerfranklin vs the State of Mississippi. The final score of the game was a combined 114. So, dwallaceNCAA was the runner up in the bracket challenge! For the record, both vivster and dunfootball had the tiebreaker score right on the nose.


The Sweet 16 bracket likewise came down to the tiebreaker results. frankl beat out vivster with a closer prediction, guessing 135 for the combined total, which was closer than 166. However, Bob Barker would have sent both of you packing. If he’s still alive. Does anyone feel confident making a statement on that without resorting to Google? No Binging. For any reason. You know better.

For the record, I made only one prediction in Tourney Time. It was TorgerW for dark horse Sweet 16 come-from-behind champion. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly admit that TorgerW owes me an apology.


Now for the squares. This one makes me upset to report upon. Not because pradagrl annihilated all of us which, for the record, she did. Not only did she have the best square, landing 4 correct games, she also had the second best square, with 3 games (*tied with two others). No, I’m upset because tylerfranklin(boo) edged out TorgerW by getting the championship game right. Each of them only had a 1 in 20 chance of landing their square. And Ol’ Walkin’ on Sunshine had 0, 4.

Congratulations, everyone on your winnings! Those of you who made arrangements to help your odds, please pay me by the end of the day. I’ll be in a trenchcoat by the ficus.

Next Time on Tourney Time: This one weird weight loss trick that the government doesn’t want you knowing about!

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