New way to book a band

Encore band app


“Finding great musicians for your venue or event is a nightmare,” says Encore co-founder James McAulay. “The booking process is clunky and slow, often takes weeks, and once you’ve finally found the right group or musician, confirming the booking involves a minefield of contracts, invoices and old-school payments. After this, the telephone calls and text messages begin, along with organising the logistics of the venue and deposit payments… the list is endless”.

In addition to making it easier to book musicians and bands, McAulay says that Encore aims to improve pay and conditions for the musicians themselves by cutting out (and replacing) the traditional agency middle person. “Musicians are tired of being ripped off by traditional agents who take a large cut and often don’t have the musicians’ best interests at heart,” he says. “Encore brings transparency to an industry that desperately needs it”. Learn more at TechChrunch.