SIMnet 365/2019

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Over the past 10 years, the SIMnet series has evolved from a simple CD-ROM program into a robust online training and assessment system. More than a million students worldwide have taken over 25 million SIMnet assignments to learn the skills necessary to master Microsoft Office and computer concepts.

SIMnet includes:

■ Microsoft® Office Suite
■ Microsoft® Outlook
■ Computer Concepts
■ Windows 10, 8, & 7
■ Internet Browsers

Easy to Use!
SIMnet is McGraw-Hill’s leading solution for training and assessment of Microsoft Office skills and beyond!   Completely online with no downloads for installation, SIMnet is accessible for today’s students through multiple browsers and is easy to use for all! Now, SIMnet offers SIMbook and allows students to go MOBILE for their student learning!  Available with videos and interactive “Guide Me” pages to allow students to study MS Office skills on any device. Its consistent, clean user interface and functionality will help save you time and help students be more successful in their course.

Lifelong Learning!
SIMnet offers lifelong learning!  SIMnet is designed with self-study and SIMSearch features to help students immediately learn isolated Microsoft Office skills on demand. Students can utilize SIMSearch and Self-Study to learn skills both in and beyond the course. It’s more than a resource; it’s a tool they can use throughout their entire time at your institution.

Measureable Results!
SIMnet provides powerful, measureable results for you and your students!  See results immediately in our various reports and customizable gradebook. Students can also see results by generating a custom training lesson after an exam to help determine exactly which content areas they still need to study. Lastly, instructors can use the dashboard to see detailed results of student activity, assignment completion and more! SIMnet Online is your solution for helping students master today’s Microsoft Office Skills.

SIMnet for Office 365/2019  … Keep IT SIMple!
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