Student quits college to help dying friend

Best friends give food to homeless

The Washington Post printed an article about two best friends trying to complete a bucket list before one of them dies from cancer. Heartbreaking, right? But there’s more to the story … and be sure to check out their website that shares their journey at

“Betancourt and Dillon Hill, 19, have been friends since the fourth grade, when they met in elementary school in Carmichael, Calif. The two immediately bonded over video games. So when Betancourt was diagnosed with Stage 4 chronic myeloid leukemia in May 2009, Hill visited him every day, and played video games to lift his spirits.

Chronic leukemias are very difficult to cure but generally progress slowly and can be treated. After chemotherapy treatment and a hospital stay in 2009, Betancourt recovered and remained virtually cancer-free throughout most of his teenage years. Inspired by their time playing video games in the hospital, the friends started Gamers Gift, a nonprofit that brings virtual-reality equipment to assisted living facilities and hospitals to help residents and patients escape their current realities.” Read more at The Washington Post.