The Super Bowl Will Look Like Madden IRL

Watching the Super Bowl this weekend will make you feel like you should have a controller in your hand. The broadcast will use 120 different cameras and often resemble a video game when shot with a shallow depth of field. That’s the shot where the camera focuses on the player and everything behind him is blurry.

“Not having fans in the front rows will also allow the CBS crew to place two 8K cameras at field level for the first time, effectively serving up images with eight times the resolution of the standard 1080p shots. Those cameras will provide instant high-definition replays of players running along the sidelines.

The broadcast will use 120 different cameras in total, 50 of which will either be static (like the devices in the coordinators’ boxes or embedded in the pylons) or controlled remotely by the production team. For comparison, a typical regular season game has 15 to 20. According to Cohen, viewers may never see the shots being produced by some of them.”

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