Thursday Night Fantasy Football is here … don’t forget to get in your picks!

A solid week! An average of 9 of 14 for everyone is very good. We picked the Patriots, Cardinals, Seahawks and Panthers especially well. On the flip absolutely no one had the Falcons losing at home to the Bucs. Boo Jameis Winston forever and a day. Doug and Jodi remain tied for the lead! Vlad had the best week, rising 4 spots! Dianne and Cheri battled for worst week, falling 3 each. I am DFL among active pickers = ( There’s still a ton of season left – we’re only at the halfway point! Remember to try for best week!

One pick that needs highlighting is Vivi as the lone player picking against the Patriots. What I especially love about that pick is it’s born entirely of malice. Vivi has picked against the Pats in every game this season. She picked the Colts in the revenge game. She picked the Jaguars in Foxboro. Add up all those points lost to spite and she’d be in sole possession of 6th place rather than tied for 11th. That’s the only way to play. – Chris Bonner

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