Tips & Tutorials

Microsoft Office Skills book coverTips & tutorials are pulled directly from our textbook, “Microsoft Office 365/2019: A Skills Approach” and are also integrated in SIMnet, McGraw-Hill’s leading solution for training and assessment of Microsoft Office skills.

  1. Excel Skill: How to use the Fill Handle tool
  2. Excel Skill: Working in Protected View
  3. Excel Skill: Add Quick Print Command to Quick Access Toolbar
  4. Word: Inserting online pictures
  5. Word: How to set up a mail merge
  6. Word: Converting text to a table

Video tutorials are an integral part of learning Microsoft Office applications with SIMnet. Look for more video tutorials on Triad’s YouTube channel.

  1. Word 2016: Using the Tell Me command
  2. Word 2016: Using the Smart Lookup tool
  3. Word 2016: Share a file using OneDrive