Web-Based Supportive Care Program Helps Patients Cope With Head and Neck Cancer

Frontiers In Oncology recently published a research article about the success of My Journey Ahead, an online supportive care program created for patients receiving treatment for head and neck cancer at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

“Patients undergoing radiation treatment for head and neck cancer experience significant side-effects that can impact a wide range of daily activities. Patients often report receiving insufficient information during and after treatment, which could impede rehabilitation efforts; they may also encounter practical and logistical barriers to receipt of supportive care. Thus, we developed a web-based program, My Journey Ahead, to provide information and strategies for managing symptom-focused concerns, which may be easily accessed from the patient’s home. The purpose of this study was to evaluate patient acceptability and satisfaction with the My Journey Ahead program.”

We are proud to have helped design and develop the project. The research article shows the program succeeded in educating patients and helping them cope with side effects caused by treatment. Congratulations to all involved with the project!