Which part of the brain is used by computer programmers?

Johns Hopkins grad students are trying to figure out which part of the brain oversees computer programming. JavaScript is described a language yet many computer programmers are mathematicians or engineers. Which part of the brain is used for coding?

“Inside a whirring fMRI machine, a computer programming challenge flashed across a screen suspended above a Johns Hopkins graduate student. Her eyes scanned the passage of code attempting to figure out a riddle of sorts: If these words, numbers, and symbols were typed into a computer, how would the device respond?

Nearby, another graduate student worked to decipher another puzzle: What part of the brain oversees computer programming? Systems such as JavaScript are described as languages, suggesting the parts of the brain that control language might also control coding. On the other hand, most of the first computer programmers were mathematicians or engineers, indicating those with a knack for math also excel at coding. Or could there be a different part of the brain that oversees this task?”

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